blog against theocracy

this Easter weekend, several thousand of us will be participating in the first-ever “Blog Against Theocracy”. i am awaiting permission from the owner of Clean Cut Kid, where i do most of my political blogging, for us to support and participate the endeavor as a whole. i’m never quite sure how things will play out over there. there is also a chance i may get to guest-blog over at Mock, Paper, Scissors as well.

while i have nothing at all against religion per se (except for the way some people choose to abuse its power), i believe quite strongly that the recent, and still on-going, attempts by neoconservatives to emplace and enforce legislation that would represent theocratic rule needs to be stopped. there is no benefit to be had from an ideological reversion of several hundred years.

if you blog, i hope you’ll consider participating in “Blog Against Theocracy”. yes, the acronym would be BAT, because we are all no doubt batty, right? bah. i will not be cross-posting that content here, so you’ll need to check on CCK and MPS to see if we get the go-ahead.