Search Engine Shenanigans

While “the otherwhirled” is still too new to be as popular as the famous Mock, Paper, Scissors or Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes, nevertheless, I am finally getting enough traffic over here to follow in their fine tradition of reporting the search engine terms that cause people to stumble into the otherwhirled. I may or may not make this a weekly endeavor. The following list is from the past week.

  • condoleezza rice, Condoleezza Rice, condoleeza rice, condi rice, condoleezza, “condoleezza rice” (and other variations on the spelling) ~ methinks some folks are just way too fixated.
  • condoleezza rice nude ~ sick, sick people. her heart belongs to some other would-be-king, not to you!
  • may december romances ~ that’s Tengrain’s fault from this post while i was away
  • “american idol” ~ yes, i’m sure i am!
  • jcpenney and sunglasses ~ fun for the whole wardrobe!
  • in futile ~ you know, i feel the same way sometimes
  • spicey girls ~ don’t worry, Mrs. Beckham. there is only you
  • the bald look ~ as discussed before, with the exception of Bing McGhandi, the bald, bearded look is simply crazy
  • fist dildo move ~ i’m stumped
  • ruttin ~ being married for over a decade, i’m not sure i’m exactly an authority on such subject matter….
  • young and tender ~ looks like i got a visit from the Romney campaign
  • her first punishment ~ sounds like fun, if you’re into that kind of thing
  • The Private Secretary” Love Doll ~ sadly, i only advertise the political…er…flavors of such things

and then there are frequent searches by photographer name, which the otherwhirled responds to because i have the citations in the image “alt” tags in addition to the text. i hope these great photographers don’t mind the unsolicited editorializations upon their works, but it’s certainly fun to do!

so there you have it, my first official installment of Search Engine Shenanigans. i’m certain your lives feel more complete now! mine sure does!

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