To the visitors from Dakota War College

for the most part, this is not a “serious” site. if you feel inclined to comment, you probably won’t be taken seriously.

i engage in satire. you are likely to find said satire offensive, because i satirize your beloved political figures. however, said satire is not limited to political figures or even republicans. they just make easy targets these days.

someone who manages a blog i participate on, and whom i met exactly once, has allegedly done something wrong, and i have defended his character (not his actions) on a blog upon which many of you “good Christians” have maligned his character at the point of allegation: a “crime” for which you would be all up in our faces about if we did it to one of your paid hacks. furtherance of such commentary on this blog will not be tolerated as it wouldn’t meet the standard of relevance here. i have already deleted one, and will do so again if need be.

otherwise, you’re welcome to browse around, and i’m pleased to have you here. i believe you’ll find we actually agree on some things here in the otherwhirled.