something else i could do today

….instead of pasting images of His Majesty the Thumbsucker into blog posts and writing quippy comments.

recent changes to the Blogroll:

  • Southern Beale ~ she’s a Scorpio AND a photographer, so i almost wouldn’t give a crap about her political affiliation, but that seems properly aligned as well. added today via a link from Sadly NO!
  • Cap’n Dyke ~ she’s just cool, and being a RenFaire freak, i can get into the piratey improprieties just fine. added last week, methinks.
  • ClapSo ~ also added when i moved the blog to this domain, i believe. i very much enjoy his perspective.

2 thoughts on “something else i could do today

  1. An’ when ye go t’RenFaire, Me Dear Lad, how do ye appear? Maybe Th’ Cap’n will just have t’swoop ye up th’next time she visits Her Majesty…

    Thank ye for th’cool quip. A quip from th’Otherwhirled is like a kiss on th’cheek, Me Sweet.