Be very proud of me.


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Yes, I’m sure it was fundamentally depressing, my not posting anything yesterday. I got up late after shooting a wedding down in Sioux City, then between thunderstorms in the early afternoon, I managed to get in a good game of COED soccer (we won, of course), and then refereed a semi-final match in our local Men’s League. Sadly, we had to postpone the second semi-final due to the rain, high winds, lightning and the tornado watch, so it’ll get played next week, which knocks me out of refereeing the final because I’ll be at a bridal show the following weekend. Go figure.

So, instead of being on the fields virtually all afternoon as originally planned, I backed up and archived the blogs (this, perpetual dawnne, and the development site for our business) and updated them all to WordPress 2.3. This was my first time upgrading the blog software, and I was very pleased that all three upgrades went off without a real hitch. In fact, over on perpetual dawnne, the update went so quickly that I had the maintenance mode splash page running for less than two minutes. I’m a bit mystified that there is no longer a wp_categories table, though. At first, why they decided it needed to be renamed to wp_terms and thus potentially break every plugin that cites the old wp_categories table baffled me, but from browsing through the new data structure, I see that it’s part of the overall accommodation of categories and tags. That did break a portion of the template I’m using for the (development version of the) business site, and I’ll have to hand-code the queries because I’ve made extensive hand-coded changes to that particular theme. O well, that’s not a very big deal.

So anyway, I’ve done my “duty” as a WordPress user and have made a post about upgrading to WordPress 2.3 which is apparently also a security update and should be done no matter what anyway. And overall, it went well enough that I didn’t have to call the tech support guy on the left. Well, actually, I don’t know if the guy on the left is still a tech support guy. In fact, I don’t even know who the hell he is in the first place. But you can find anything on the web these days. I’m sure that’s somehow reassuring.