i have been lacking in teh funny…

…fwiw, largely because i have not been lacking in the business. my apologies to the five or six of you who check in here regularly to see what i’m not doing and how funny i am not being.

parts of what is eating my time and/or my mental energy is minimally alluded to here and certainly consumed here (because “here” is not just “there”, but it’s also my presence on two other websites), while also trying to get my fall wedding shoot finished up and out for proof. wheee!

i’ll try to get back to teh funny as soon as i can. i also turn 41 this week. commander other is not getting any younger. dammit.

5 thoughts on “i have been lacking in teh funny…

  1. You know, Bing may be on to something… Nah!!!!

    Since I knew you were consumed with other things, I just check in and see what I find. No worries. And the Synthaetica site… gorgeous.

    You are 41 soon and I will be 50 on 11/12. Yee haw!

    I actually love getting older; my whole life turned around at age 40.

  2. Happy Birthday, Commander. My grandfather used to bitch about getting older by saying “old age is a son-of-a-bitch” (English translation of his sicilian lament). My retort was “well, it’s better than the alternative.” Thing is, the old man had a point. But so did I. Enjoy your birthday.

  3. thanks, ‘Grain. wasn’t fishing for compliments. i know i’ve been less than stellar lately, and i’ve also been neglecting commentary on my friends’ blogs.

    thanks for the reminder, Bing. i’m not afraid to die, but mortality and i are not getting along right now. damn, it takes a long time to heal from a simple injury anymore.

    Fran: you might be getting old, but your character is already immortal. thanks for ‘beta-testing’ Synthaetica for me.

    thanks, Pissed. you’re right, you both had a point. but i will probably ‘enjoy’ my birthday tomorrow by pretending like it’s just any other work day and trying to not let things get too far behind.