Sometimes it works like this

sorry, kids. i’m ‘way up north’ in Aberdeen, SD for the state high school tournament. i meant to be posting each night while i’m here, but last night turned into a long evening of discussions on all the politics and other things that infest any such organization, so not only did i not get to post last night, but i didn’t even get to catch up on my favorite blogs! my life feels so incomplete

the tournament, if you care, is going well thus far. it actually starts today, but yesterday there were several “play-in” games: last chances for teams tied on points to get into the tournament. sadly, some boys and girls will be back in school on friday despite their best efforts.

anyway, i’ll post some things tonight and get back on the ball here, so to speak. sorry to leave you hanging. i’m sure your lives are nearly as incomplete without me as mine is without you. or, not.

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