Call to bloggers.

okay, i get it now. statistics being necessarily generalistic, i failed to understand, back when i had the otherwhirled on, just how many of my visitors were really just spam-whores looking for ways to sell their wares. in fact, as i noted over on Jonestown in the comments the other day, spam-whores still visit the now-defunct otherwhirled at a rate of several hundred per day. now that the otherwhirled has been on its own domain for several months, i begin to perceive:

  1. that i generally enjoy somewhere between 20-30 actual visitors per day.
  2. that in part this is because i haven’t spent a lot of time getting the domain registered with all the search engines.
  3. but also that i alone am not really all that funny. i draw this conclusion both from the visitation numbers and the number of comments.
  4. especially when my work-load of late has forced me to not be very consistent with the quantity and frequency of my posts.

i think this is also largely because i’m being a one-hit wonder in that all i do is snark on photos. i’m not that eloquent of a writer, and i frankly spend so much of my life in PhotoShop and Adobe Camera Raw that to a large degree, the last thing I want to do in my free time is manipulate someone else’s photographs.

there are some elements of this that i cannot really change. clients and family have to come first, and so do certain other activities (i’m one of our state’s handful of soccer referee instructors, and am just a few months shy of being expected to start teaching TaeKwonDo classes on my own). the thing is, i don’t want to stop doing what i do here, especially with at least another 9 months on the contract for domain services, and i don’t want to mix it with my personal blog. as for the latter matter, i don’t really have a good reason as to “why” i don’t want to mix the two, i just feel it would be better if i didn’t. and because hardly anyone spells my name right and my personal blog is one of the ‘original’ vanity domains (i got the domain back in 1995).

so, i’m wondering something. i had this idea, for what it’s worth, a long time ago, back during the summer when Tengrain and Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein were kind enough to guest-blog for me, in fact. so at the risk of appearing to rip off an idea from Fairlane, if the 20-30 of you are aware of anyone who’d like to help the otherwhirled provide something other than snarkery on photos, please invite them to contact me at commander[dot]other[at]otherwhirled[dot]com. the types of things i’d like to do here, but lack the time to do consistently myself:

  1. Onion-esque rewrites of news articles.
  2. Unique snarkographic imagery.
  3. Editorials of social, political, religious, and/or other pertinent topics—with the understanding that political and religious matters are generally considered snarky cannon fodder.
  4. Snarkery on the entertainment industry and the public’s tendency towards materialism.
  5. Pretty much anything else that fits into those modes of thinking.

ultimately, i would really like to have several good bloggers participate here—i don’t currently have an intention on limiting the number of them, provided we can all get along and support each other even when we might share idealogical differences. i am also willing to extend the offer to moderate and conservative bloggers, again, given the caveat that we treat each other respectfully.

thank you for your time and your assistance. and thank you to those few of you who have kept visiting here over the months.

4 thoughts on “Call to bloggers.

  1. Commander Other –

    You are as funny as all hell! It takes a while, especially after switching domains. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure burned in one.

    I usually come to you from the RSS feed, by the way (as I’m sure others do, too), and I don’t know if it counts as one hit, or one for each post. You might be getting more hits than you think.



  2. commander other comes from a long line of bastards (literally and seriously), and is not one to jones for accolades where accolades are not earned. and should commander other actually prove to be as ‘hilarious as hell’, well, that is far more a commentary on the general state of those religions which perceive ‘hell’ to be a) extant, and b) serious.

    as well, my RSS feed spits up to 13 posts at a time (a specifically-fixated number), and the most new posts i’ve had at one time recently is five. each RSS visit counts as one hit. thus, 20-30 hits per day is 20-30 people a day. perhaps i amuse a few people, but generally speaking, not enough to bring them in. as well, when all i’m doing is snarking on photographs, it’s not like even my feed really stands as a valid invitation for participation. people get a chuckle and then walk away. i’ve been managing things quite poorly in that regard.

    as far as rome not being built in a day, i never expected that my little ‘rome’ be done so. however, my subscribership has not increased in nearly a fiscal quarter, and by any measure, that is not good. if one measures progress in terms of ‘i finally got one search engine hit after six weeks of operation’ (which happens to be true in terms of this domain), then one is not exactly ‘aspiring’, let alone, ‘inspirational’, by any measure.

    so, i’m not being hard on myself. i’m facing reality. i’ll take care of the SEO stuff this week: i should have done so from the beginning, but even if i had, would there be any marked increase after a quarter, given the quality/quantity of my postings and given the amount of voluntary participation here? probably not. (and say what you will, but i’m very aware that i’ve had several ‘so-so’ days at best in terms of quality) so, i want to offer more than what i can do myself. let’s get some others involved!

  3. Um, I guess I should look into the RSS feed. And I didn’t know about the registration stuff either. Man, I have a lot to learn. That said, it’s always a pleasure to visit here, commander.

  4. thanks again for your remarks, Tengrain. i stayed up until about 4:00 this morning, getting all the plugins updated across all my blogs and looking for things that might not be working properly. i discovered that this theme is written a little oddly (well, i already knew that ~ the footer.php doesn’t actually close the xhtml, for one thing), and that wp_footer() wasn’t being called from any of the category, archive, or single pages, which is required for stats-grokking. i got that all fixed up, and viola! i appear to have more than 20 visitors a day. and it looks like wp’s stats will start to match more with with i get off the server’s stats.

    however, i still would LOVE to have other bloggers on-board. i suppose i may have to go out to my favorite blogs and start pimping certain commentors. surely i’m not the only blogger who refused to grow up!