Linky-linky ‘cuz i’m stinky

…and ‘cuz i don’t feel like doin’ nuttin’ else t’day.

except client work, of course. durn clients never go away. maybe smack the kids around a bit and yell at ’em for bein’ mine.

okay, okay, put up the damn christmas tree. lowercase ‘c’, because “he” was just a propaganda tool, mind you.

so, i added some new additions to the blogroll over there on the right, because i was tired of following links from other people’s blogs to theirs. i’ve been reading/watching/listening to these folks for a while, and i like ’em. you should, too. hell, most of you probably already do, but according to google analytics, SOME of you are ‘new’ visitors each day, so what the hell… ~

click, read, peruse, and blogroll ’em yerseffs!

4 thoughts on “Linky-linky ‘cuz i’m stinky

  1. Commander- I’d like to thank you as well, and will be blogrolling your great-find-of-a-blog and it’s all thanks to Splotchy’s viral story that brought me over here.

  2. Thanks Commander!

    Like FreidaBee, I was slinking around the InterWebs, following the outbreaks of Splotchy Virus. I’m honored.

    And I’ll be back!

  3. DCup: and thank you for what you do. no need to thank me, though, really. all i do is acknowledge your excellence.

    Freidabee: indeed, we are joined by the Splotch. i note that your technorati rating jumped considerably. i got three points. so obviously, the honor is all mine! i am linked to greatness, what can i say….

    Phydeaux: i’ve been reading your blog for a long time and have been traveling there through other people’s blogrolls. i finally decided to add you to the ever-growing list in my blogroll and in my own google feeds so that i can spend less time working and more time blogging. i’m sure my family won’t mind! 😉