catching up is hard to do

today is catch-up day. not that there’s much time for it with two podcasts today, and we lost an hour, to boot. but that’s the general idea. i’ve got an indoor soccer game coming up soon, and time with the kids right after that before the first radio show. shit. we just did the time-change thingy. i wonder if i have to tweak the radio show time. i didn’t think of that! dammit….

yup, i had to change it. what a dork. at least i caught it in time.

my son has been listening to the radio shows and has come to understand that i actually do think of him and his sister quite often. it’s a funny way for us to connect, or so it seems to me, but i’ll take it. he already knew i was a foul-mouthed bastard, so the tone of the radio show content was by no means surprising to him. luckily, he knows how to think for himself.

there’s a lot of content from previous incarnations of this website, the old,, and even that i’m working on bringing over here. some of it’s kinda good stuff (at least i think so). since they’re all dated in the past, the conundrum is whether to leave their original timestamps on them or not. i probably will, just because i’m anal-retentive that way. because it matters SO much when republishing oneself.

no doubt.

anyway, things continue. two shows tonight:

ThinkAtheist Show Early Edition:

Should just be me hosting. Topic for the evening is the new public education standard so lovingly provided for us by the State of TexAssikstan.

Time: 1800 EDT (6pm Eastern), 2200 GMT (10pm Greenwich Mean Time)
Info: Event Page
Show: Talkshoe

ThinkAtheist Show Late Edition:

Myself and DrFrink will be hosting. Special guest is Paul Fidalgo from the Secular Coalition of America. We can’t get into specifics about what exactly the White House said during its meetings with secular organizations, but he’ll tell us about the trip and share some general impressions.

Time: 2200 EDT (10pm Eastern), 0400 GMT (4am Greenwith Mean Time)
Info: Event Page
Show: Talkshoe

I hope to see you there.