Some Basic Concepts

Yes, I am late in setting up this show. Please accept my humble apologies. ~ Tonight’s show will be a re-cap of some of the basics: the differences between Humanism, Secularism, Agonsticism and Atheism, and we will also touch on how these concepts overlap (for example, Secular Humanism and Agnostic Atheism). We’ll approach these subjects from as many directions as possible, and also contrast them with other trends (such as Atheism versus Anti-Theism) that are prevalent today. These are all pertinent to the greater discussion I intend to have here, and I thought it might be prudent to get my opinion on these matters, as well as the opinions of our regular callers, out on the table before I ask our good friend Kile Jones to weigh in on them.

(yes, I have “regular callers”, our fine participants from my time over on the ThinkAtheist Radio Show)

I’m hoping for a lot of lively discussion on these subjects, and as is my tendency, I’ll be playing a lot of devil’s advocate during our discussions as well. I’ll try not to pepper my participation with so many caveats that it gets bogged down, but if you come in late, I might sound a little schizophrenic until you realize what I’m doing.

just sayin’. ;-P