It’s all in a word

The March 2 show was the most live-listened show we’ve had yet. I want to offer a special Thank You to both Angie ( and Laci ( for their participation on the show. I’m truly honored to be acquainted with both of these intelligent young people. I predicted the show would flow the way it did, which means we wandered far enough away form the original topic that Zach has asked us to revisit it again this week. So, we’ll once again kick off the show with this archaic little word for which I’ve developed a penchant:


1. A pretentious attitude of scholarship; superficial knowledgeability.
2. Rare The practice of opinionating on subjects of which one has only superficial knowledge.
3. A superficial knowledge, especially when pretentiously revealed.

I’m mostly fixated on definitions 1 and 3. Indeed, I allowed last week’s show to wander down the path it took, because one caller’s participation was perfectly exemplary of both of these definitions. Definition 2 is interesting, but I believe there are plenty of other words in vernacular English which suffice to take it’s place. But definitions 1 and 3 have a huge impact on what could otherwise be constructive discourse, especially in the politico-religious arena. Our caller’s conduct on the last show fundamentally demonstrated how superficial knowledgability blocked conversation at several key points.

We shall, no doubt, wander on to other (hopefully) related topics. I wanted that conversation to go to its fullest extent as a demonstration, but in the future, I’ll not let such things drag on so long. It was interesting, and yet depressing, all at the same time. 😉 Hopefully, Kile, Zach and Paul can all attend again. Angie, Laci, Ryan and Martin are assuredly invited as well. And callers? O yes, we’ll take callers. Never fear. 😉