March Blog Party

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, which means we’re holding a small contest for blog submissions on the topics noted below. Our panel will read (excerpts of) the entries aloud and discuss (no, not necessarily eviscerate if we don’t agree) them on the air in our Round Table format. We’ll choose up to three recent blog posts from each of the following categories:

Submission Categories:

  1. Atheism (note: this category is not open to Agnosticism)
  2. (Secular) Humanism
  3. Religion
  4. Sociology
  5. Philosophy

Minimum Requirements for Consideration:

  1. Article is “recent” (within the past three months ~ exception might be made in deference to kick-ass authorship)
  2. Article is comprised of at least 600 words
  3. Article contents contain at least 75% unquoted content

Pretty simple, huh?

Authors of the selected articles will be asked to come on the show for a brief interview and to read and discuss their articles. Show participation is not mandatory. There is no monetary award for being chosen.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline:

  1. Submit link(s) to blog post(s) in the comments on the Segment Website
  2. Maximum of 5 links per contestant
  3. Deadline is 10pm EST on the day before the show airs.
  4. Selections will be announced by 10am EST on the show date via and @Synthaetica (twitter).

Join us Wednesday night for some unique and dynamic show content from great authors around the Internet!