The Stupid. It Burns.

I don’t yet know which of our great co-hosts we’ll have around for the show, but the show will be dedicated to discussing the various ways that sciolism defeats discourse.

Two things:

One: that last phrase is willfully plagiarized from my (Synthaetica) old post by the same title, which is basically the inspiration for tonight’s show.

Two: The word, sciolism:

  1. A pretentious attitude of scholarship; superficial knowledgeability.
  2. Rare The practice of opinionating on subjects of which one has only superficial knowledge.
  3. A superficial knowledge, especially when pretentiously revealed.

You can probably imagine where I’m going with this. I recently was doing some maintenance on my website and came across some old posts on this topic which I did for the Blogswarms Against Theocracy back in 2007 an 2008. The subject matter still rings true today, and in fact, as I have more and more “discussions” with theists hell-bent on saving our godless “souls”, I see it as more and more of a problem: and one that is actually rather multifaceted. My previous posts on this subject:

I hope to gather some additional insight from other authors/bloggers prior to the show.