i can has links

I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with this space this time around. Why decide today what you can put off until tomorrow, after all. 😉 When I made the “about” page, however, I noticed that I have a lot more grey in my beard than I did when I took that photo a couple of years ago. Part of the angst/anxiety/frustration is, undoubtedly, denying myself from creative outlets, or more accurately, believing that going back to work in Corporate America, plus soccer refereeing and referee administration, could somehow pose as creative outlets. I’m a dork sometimes.

It’s taken me a few days to get this back up and running. I still haven’t really settled on a site theme, also because of the resident dorkiness, and also per Tengrain‘s assertion that the idea is to get back into the stream of things, not worry about broken image links in 6-year-old posts and other trivialities. So, fuggit. I’m writing. Even a stupid post like this feels good.

There will be a return of snarkery; there will be a return of satire; there will be a return of imagery; and there will be returns of other forms of creativity, both of personal and general natures. And there are links in the sidebar: folks with whom I used to blog and interact with frequently and who were relegated for several years, into my RSS feeds; because I’m a dork. And some other places. Give them a click or two or three, pretty please.