Again with the changes? Last One, I hope!

So, some oddities have occurred within our little skeptical community here, which produce some changes for Thinking Unenslaved. I will be doing a live show on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm Central (8-10 Eastern, 5-7 Pacific, and you folks in Mountain time can fend for yourselves ;-). I’m still reserving Monday nights for interviews and the like, but I’ve always kind of enjoyed the Wednesday night gig for the broadcast itself; that’s why I was going to do the uploads on Wednesdays, had things worked out to where the content was primarily prerecorded. Consider it a faint call-back to my upbringing, going to church thrice a week.

It also appears at this point that I’ll be on my own. I’m hoping to occasionally engage “Folks from times past”, like Kile, Paul, and Zach, and of course I hope to engage some “new” voices from our local community as well. And actually there’s this:

I am seeking input, whether recorded for playback during the live show, or to participate in the live show, of activists across the country at a regional level. I’d love to have frequent input from those on the front lines of the various battles for equality (be they religious, non-religious, marriage, human rights, voting rights….whatever) in the NorthWest, SouthWest, Midwest, Northern, Southern, SouthEast and NorthEast regions of the United States and yes, even Canada, and yes, even around the world. It is these voices that help remind us that we’re all in this together, and I believe that having eyes on these various issues help build our global community. That might be a bit pie-in-the-sky as far as ambition is concerned, but the effort, I believe, is important.

If you know anyone interested, please push them my way!

So, please join me this upcoming Wednesday evening for my first live broadcast in a few years. I’m stoked and ready to go, and I’ll even come prepared with some prerecorded material, if everything works out. The live show will be broadcast through our page at

Many thanks!