Post-traumatic Stress Election

I’m not quite as upset, really, about the elections as you might suspect. It was fairly predictable to me. “The People” have spoken, and “The People” are clearly focused on what everyone else is doing, instead of what’s good for themselves. I think that’s really the most interesting takeaway here. I’m most concerned about the short-term effect this election will have on science progress, particularly on climate change: because those short-term effects will have long-lasting consequences.

Joining me tonight will once again be Cory Allen Heidelberger from Madville Times, and we’ll talk about all those things and more. Then, around the 8 o’clock hour, Ellee Spawn from Sioux Falls and I will talk about all sorts of things from voter competence to what “free thought” means to persons of religious backgrounds, and where such folks can find middleground with nontheist freethinkers.