That Dirty Little Word: Sciolism


Ever since I discovered the word “sciolism”, I’ve been enamoured with it. It’s a shame that it’s fallen into disuse, but I also understand why it has: It describes the human condition, almost every time the vast majority of us open our mouths. If you search this blog for the word, you’ll find that I’ve written on it a few times in the past as well.

I’m under the weather tonight, so instead of boring you by attempting to ramble through the show on my own, I’m going to rebroadcast a show that’s focused around the concept of sciolism. It’s from March 2, 2011, and is entitled, “The Stupid, It Burns”. This was, if memory servers, one of the more entertaining broadcasts from Thinking Unenslaved’s previous incarnation.

So, please tune in at 7pm Central tonight (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific), Wednesday, November 19, for the rebroadcast of “The Stupid, It Burns”. I’ll give it a fresh intro, then let it play through to its end. I should be back next week with a live show.