The Stupid. It Burns. Again.

TUNewBrownSquareForiTunes Last night, still being under the weather with a flu-like thing, I chose to re-broadcast one of my old episodes. This is where my obtuse episode names don’t necessarily serve me all that well. “The Stupid. It Burns” was in my head as one of those episodes where the three of us (Paul, Zach, and myself at the time) had a great series of lively conversations on various topics. However, what the show really was, was, Paul, Zach, Kile and myself listening to Antitheist Angie and Laci Green take on a particularly abstruse and narrow-minded anti-abortion bigot from Ottowa. It was, in fact, one of the best shows I ever had, made all the more magical when Laci showed up in the broadcast chat and asked to join. Absolutely amazing stuff.

A couple of folks last night missed my opening, which reminded listeners that this was a rebroadcast, therefore feeling a bit “War of the Worlds” when I closed out the show and again reminded people that it had been a rebroadcast. Oops. If I do this again, I’ll try to remember to cut in from time to time and remind people that it’s a rebroadcast. Sorry about that, but last night was still intermittent trips to the facilities while the show was playing. I certainly wasn’t playing any Dragon Age: Inquisition and drinking lots of tea. Oh, no.

A word of warning: My old setup under BlogTalkRadio was a funny thing: my voice cuts in and out quite a bit, especially the more people who were on the call. Please bear with my crackly, intermittent voice; this was all over three years ago, and there’s no way to improve the sound as it was recorded at the time. The callers generally came through loud and clear, and it was only my voice that got garbled from time to time, especially when the lines were open with several people on. Please bear with that. The conversation between the individual from Ottowa, Angie, and Laci are the actual golden parts here.

And yes, I’m now totally contemplating asking Angie and Laci back for a conversation. They’ve both always been more popular than me, as it should be, but Laci in particular is now a “huge” name on YouTube, and I actually feel reticent to bug her, but we’ll see. Her thoughtful insight, and Angie’s repeated use of statistics to combat “the feels” of the anti-abortion lot, are what made this broadcast the golden thing it is.