Nothing. Nothing. Ever goes as planned. Ever.

So, for those of you who’ve hung on as listeners over the past several weeks, you have my sincere thanks, and my sincere apologies. You’ve been very generous with your time. I clearly have an issue with electricity in my house. That’s what that weird background noise in my microphone is (on a previous microphone, you could hear that it is actually AM radio interference). I believe the problem is that something with the mains wiring, either in my condo itself or in the entire unit, is not properly grounded or shielded. It affects all computers (PC and Mac alike) and all microphones (it’s actually there in very low level on the built-in microphone on my MacBook). When I can afford it, I’ll have an electrician come out and help me figure out what’s what.

In the meantime, I’m having to put live shows (including tonight) on hiatus….or until I can find a nice, quiet place to do recordings. After work hours where I work is not unfeasible for making recordings, but I won’t be able to bring people in here for interviews. This actually brings into question the whole “live” aspect in and of itself. I really like doing a live show, but there’s a lot to say for a more measured, pre-recorded thing (that’s actually the most common type of podcast, anyway), but I’ve always enjoyed the spontaneity and risk of the live format, regardless of how the broadcasts are segmented, as previously discussed. So, we’ll see. Perhaps a mix of the two is in order, provided I can avail myself of a good place to record.

At any rate, after last week (which no, I did not upload, but it is still over there on mixlr), I’m also a bit leery regarding rebroadcasting the old shows. The two I’ve chosen for over the holidays, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy having in your podcast feeds; they’ll still go live on the last two Wednesdays of the year, as planned. Tonight, however, since I cannot effectively broadcast from home, I think I’ll spare you the incomprehensible ramblings of Zach and Jered in their former states, and I will actually try to get some thoughts recorded for feeding out tomorrow night. I’m also stuck here at work until after the normal show-time, anyway. Because nothing ever goes as planned. Ever. Especially not in the corporate work-week before everyone is basically gone for two weeks.

Again, thank you for hanging in there with me thus far. The new year will be a good, new thing. One way or the other.