Godless Revolution

I’m very happy to announce that Amanda has been asked to join Godless Revolution, and will be blogging over there in short order. I’m incredibly happy and excited for her, and for the folks over at Godless Revolution: A tremendous bunch of people whose energy and enthusiasm are inspirational. I feel quite honored to know some of them! I encourage all readers of Thinking Unenslaved (yes, all five of you!) to please lend them your ears, your eyes, and your support. Whether or not Amanda continues to contribute here is entirely up to her, (and absolutely no hard feelings if that answer is “no”, my friend).

Looks like I need to step up my game, here. Or something. Amanda is now the third Otherwhirled/Thinking Unenslaved contributor to move on to bigger and better things over the years. At least I’m good for supporting folks and their endeavors! Time to think….