yeah we suck at writing

TUNewBrownSquareForiTunes well, maybe it’s more like we suck at writing consistently….but the world around us is unraveling into shreds, and we note that people just can’t seem to treat people like people anymore. even and especially the humanists in the crowd. we haven’t been writing much at all this year, but we’re going to take a little pause and come up with a game plan that will, at least temporarily point this Thinking Unenslaved mechanism right back at ourselves and our humanist community. it’s time for some conversations, my friends.

bringing a new computer in also proved not to be the fix to the sound problems. i’m now absolutely convinced the wiring in this house has a fatal flaw somewhere: it sounds very much like every electrical line in the house is acting as a receiver. so, while i’m itching to get back into having real conversations with real people, it’s clear that i’ve got to find another way and/or place to do so.

stay tuned. 🙂