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Jered Dawnne

Synthaetica, Commander Other, Jered Dawnne

Jered Dawnne

I’ve been around online for a while, under various names and in various places. Some people know me, some don’t. Some people think they do, and the accuracy of such thoughts varies from person to person.

I’ve worn several names online over the years: “Synthaetica” has been around the longest. “Commander Other” was used for a while as well, and it’s typically the name most people up here in the northern midwest knew me by first. I mostly simply use my name, now, or a portion thereof: Jered Dawnne.

I’m just some guy. I don’t have formal training in debate or discourse, but I’ve been a human being long enough to know how to facilitate persons of diverse backgrounds getting along with each other well enough to have a discussion…usually. 😉 My own “escape” from organized religion was a long time ago, so I also do a pretty good job talking about the deconversion process, dealing with the inherent ostracisation, and learning to self-facilitate one’s life without the normal social and familial crutches. I’m a liberal progressive from a highly conservative upbringing. As far as the overall debate between theism and atheism is concerned, I’ve sat on pretty much all sides in various roles, and I’ve never lost my ability to empathize.

It’s nice to meet you. Carry on!